School Staff

“Teachers, like candles, consume themselves to light another’s path”
ACS Etah boasts of over fifty dedicated preachers-mentors, who devote themselves to the noble cause of education.

The credentials of our teachers speak volumes of their exceptional dynamism and the passion they have for their métier. This ‘passion’ continues to pass the legacy of knowledge, wisdom and virtues to our posterity.

Teachers transform ‘learners’ into ‘wizards’ who render valuable contribution to humanity, at large and we, at ACS Etah believe in producing ‘humane’ beings who ensemble the qualities of head and heart and stand as ‘ beacon of light’ as we firmly believe “It is better to light a candle, than curse the dark”.

PGT  Staff-2020-21
Sl.no. Name Qualification Designation Apointment Date Trained or Untrained
1 Sr.Anjali Maria M.A,B.Ed P.G.T(Principal) 7/1/2019 Trained 
2 Sr.Bency Francis MCA, B.Ed P.G.T(Vice-Principal) 8/1/2020 Trained 
3 Mr.Ponnappan K.K M.A,B.Ed P.G.T 7/16/1992 Trained 
4 Mr.Emmanuel John Lal M.Com, B.Ed P.G.T 7/5/2004 Trained 
5 Mr.Vishal  Chaudhary M.Sc,B.Ed P.G.T 7/7/2008 Trained 
6 Mrs. Monali Chatarjee M.Sc,B.Ed P.G.T 7/2/2011 Trained 
7 Mr. Lalit Kumar M.Lib,I.Sc P.G.T(Librarian) 11/1/2012 Trained 
8 Mrs. Geeta Rani M.A,M.Ed P.G.T 7/1/2013 Trained 
9 Mr. Rahul Johri MCA P.G.T 7/1/2013 Trained 
10 Mrs. Asha Kumari Yadav M.P.Ed (P.T.I) P.G.T 12/1/2013 Trained 
11 Mr. SatyendraA Bhardwaj M.A,B.Ed P.G.T 4/2/2014 Trained 
12 Ms.Arohi Saxena M.Sc,B.Ed P.G.T 4/1/2019 Trained 
13 Mr.Krishan Kant Pandey M.Sc,B.Ed P.G.T 4/1/2019 Trained 
TGT  Staff-2020-21
Assisi Convent School,Etah
Sno. Name Qualification Designation Apointment Date Trained or Untrained
1 Mr. Om Rishi Bharadwaj M.Sc, B.Ed T.G.T 01/08/1995 Trained 
2 Mrs. Nasreen Fatima M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 10/07/1996 Trained 
3 Mrs. Jyoti Pachauri M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 05/07/1999 Trained 
4 Mrs. Anjana  Jauhari M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 09/07/2001 Trained 
5 Mr. Prabal kulshrestha M.Sc,B.Ed T.G.T 04/07/2002 Trained 
6 Mr. Rajeev Kumar Chauhan M.Sc,B.Ed T.G.T 01/10/2004 Trained 
7 Mr. Joseph.T.M M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 06/04/2005 Trained 
8 Mrs.Vijaya  M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 04/07/2005 Trained 
9 Mr. Vinson Thomas B.A,B.Ed T.G.T 07/07/2008 Trained 
10 Mrs. Ravita Yadav B.A, B.Ed. T.G.T  03/08/2010 Trained 
11 Mrs. Sangeeta Michael B.A ,Dance T.G.T(Dance) 06/08/2010 Trained 
12 Mrs. Brijbala Agarwal M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 04/07/2011 Trained 
13 Mrs. Parul Daksh M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 01/07/2013 Trained 
14 Mrs. Vandana  Chauhan M.Sc,B.Ed T.G.T 08/07/2013 Trained 
15 Mrs. Shruti Jain M.A, B.Ed. T.G.T 01/10/2013 Trained 
16 Ms. Neha Shahid M.Sc,B.Ed T.G.T  17/10/2013 Trained 
17 Mrs. Sunita Minz M.Mus T.G.T(Music) 01/01/2015 Trained 
18 Mrs. Archana Dixit M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 06/04/2015 Trained 
19 Mrs. Sarita Sengar M.Sc,B.Ed T.G.T 06/04/2015 Trained 
20 Mr. Apurv Singh Chandvaria M.Sc,B.Ed T.G.T 01/07/2015 Trained 
21 Mrs. Bhumika M.A.B.Ed T.G.T 01/07/2016 Trained 
22 Mrs. Neha Singh M.Sc, B.Ed T.G.T 01/07/2017 Trained 
23 Ms. Saumya Bisariya M.A.B.Ed T.G.T 01/07/2018 Trained 
24 Ms. Mahima  Ashcharya Noel M.Com.B.Ed T.G.T 08/04/2019 Trained 
25 Mrs. Akanksha  Gahlaut M.Sc, B.Ed T.G.T 22/04/2019 Trained 
26 Mr. Ashrit Prasad M.Com.B.Ed T.G.T 24/04/2019 Trained 
27 Ms. Parthvi Tingal M.A. (Coucillor) T.G.T 01/05/2019 Trained 
28 Ms. Harleen Kaur Ghai B.A, B.Ed. T.G.T 01/11/2019 Trained 
29 Mrs. Jyoti Sinha M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 04/11/2019 Trained 
30 Ms. Seema Upadhyay M.A,B.Ed T.G.T 04/11/2019 Trained 
31 Mr.Arjun Pratap Singh M.Sc, MP.Ed T.G.T   Trained 
32 Mrs.Neha Stephan Abraham M.Sc,B.Ed T.G.T   Trained 
33 Mr.Joseph R Lall M.A.B.Ed T.G.T   Trained 


September 2021