Principal’s Message

Sc. Clarelit

Sc. Clarelit

Education is a unique and safe investment for the future. We live in a world of deteriorating values. So our aim is to nurture the qualities of each child entrusted to us. To achieve this aim I took forward to building up a strong collaboration with Parents, Teachers and Management.
Mahatma Gandhi, Father of our Nation highlighted the major structural and collective sins of our time. We the F.C.C. Sisters resolved to stand with the marginalized and weaker sections of the society following the foot steps of Our Patron. St. Francis of Assisi. May God bless us and all our endeavours.

Toppers Of Class XII

Toppers Of Class X

Manager’s Message

God has given us only “One commandment“ Love God and love your neighbour. In this consists our entire life. Do justice to all. Truth will make us free.Let us train ourselves whole heartedly to fulfill this desire of God and make this earth a beautiful and better place to live in .May the Mighty God bless the Blooming Generation with His abundant Mercy and Grace.This is my prayer to all- May each individual stand on determined decision of being upright, honest, and truthful and just towards one another.